Amazon MBA Programs: A Complete Hiring Process Guide

Getting into a top Amazon MBA program is no easy task. But with the right preparation, you can give yourself the best chance of success.

This guide will provide you with a complete overview of:

  • What to expect from Amazon’s MBA programs.
  • The different MBA Amazon programs and their hiring processes.
  • An in-depth overview of the Amazon MBA Online Assessment and more.

Let’s go to work!

Amazon MBA Program

What Is the Amazon MBA Program?

The Amazon MBA program is a program for professional development designed to prepare future business leaders to succeed at Amazon.

The program gives participants the abilities and information required to succeed in various positions within Amazon. The program offers rotations in different business areas along with training and mentoring from Amazon executives.

The Different MBA Programs:

Now we are going to get a nice overview of each Amazon MBA Program, including the hiring process, necessary requirements, background, salaries, and benefits, among other crucial information.

Product Manager (PM)

Amazon’s non-tech PM jobs are ideal for people with a good understanding of design and business. This job is non-technical and does not require a degree in computer science.

Amazon hires product managers who have an MBA, unlike most tech firms. Amazon employs PMs with diverse backgrounds, including students, MBA graduates (their largest source of PMs), and experienced professionals.

Although the e-commerce division of Amazon is open to people with every background, AWS is more suited to those who have a technical background.

Product Manager Interview Process

Screening (Optional)

The process can begin by speaking to a recruiter. The call aims to determine if you’re an ideal candidate. It’s an easy conversation about your experience and suitability for the job.

Be prepared to explain your professional experience as it appears on your resume. Also, be prepared to discuss why you’re interested in the job that you applied for and why you’d like to join Amazon.

Phone Interview

Duration: 1hr, 2 Round
Target: Amazon 16 Leadership Principle

Next, you will receive a call from either the manager hiring you or an already-employed product manager. The interviewer might not be a member of the team you submitted your application to join. The initial interview will last approximately one hour and consist of two parts.

In the first place, the interviewer would like to ensure that you know the job you were applying for.

Then, you’ll be asked some questions about how you can show Amazon’s 16 leadership values. This is a frequent topic, so be aware of the 16 core values.

On-Site Interview

Duration: 5 rounds (1hr each)
Target: Amazon 16 Leadership Principle

The on-site interview comprises five rounds, each lasting one hour. The interview will begin with a five-minute introduction followed by 50 minutes for your interview. Then, you will have 5 minutes for any queries you ask your interviewer.

Throughout the day, you’ll speak with a range of Amazon employees, such as Product managers and technical program managers, software developers and software development managers, an employee who raises the bar and the manager who is hiring. No matter who you are interviewing, you’ll once more be asked to address Amazon’s 16 principles of leadership.

Salary and Benefits

The average total compensation for the Product Manager MBA position at Amazon is $201,325.

Amazon Financial Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

The Amazon Financial Leadership Development Program (FLDP) is a 3-years rotational program designed to develop future finance leaders at Amazon.

The program allows participants to work in various finance roles across Amazon Retail, including positions in accounting, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), treasury, tax, and business development.

Amazon Financial Leadership Development Program Interview process

Before being accepted into the program, applicants must undergo a rigorous interview process.
This process typically lasts 4-6 weeks and consists of multiple rounds of interviews with Amazon finance professionals.

Phone Interview

The first round of interviews is usually a phone screen with a member of the FLDP team. During this call, applicants are asked about their financial knowledge and experience. The call lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

On-Site Interviews

The next round of interviews is usually an on-site visit to Amazon headquarters in Seattle, WA. During this visit, applicants will meet with multiple members of the FLDP team and Amazon finance leadership.

These interviews assess the applicant’s finance knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. This lasts for approximately 5 hours.

Final Interview

The final round of interviews is usually a panel interview with Amazon finance leadership. This interview focuses on the applicant’s ability to think strategically about financial problems and make recommendations to senior leadership. This lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program

The Amazon Leadership Development Program (RLDP) is a comprehensive and competitive program designed to develop early-career professionals into our next generation of leaders. The program offers opportunities for rotations in multiple areas across Amazon, as well as leadership development courses, mentorship, and networking events with Amazon executives.

Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program Interview Process

The interview process for the Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program (RLDP) consists of 3 steps:

  • Resume submission.
  • Phone screen.
  • On-site interviews

Resume Submission

Submit your resume via the online application form. Include your contact information, education, work history, and relevant skills or qualifications.

Phone Screen

Once your resume has been reviewed, you may be contacted by an Amazon recruiter to schedule a phone screen. This is an opportunity for the recruiter to learn more about your professional background and interests and for you to ask any questions you have about the program. Lasts for 30-60 minutes.

On-site Interview

If you are selected to move forward in the process, you will be invited to interview at our Seattle headquarters. This consists of 4-5 interview sessions with Amazon managers and leaders. Lasts for 4-5 hours. Interviews will focus on your professional experiences, leadership potential, and motivation for joining the program.

Salary and Benefits

The typical Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program salary is $143,212 per year. Retail Leadership Development Program salaries at Amazon can range from $135,559 – $149,451 per year.

Amazon Product Manager Technical (PMT)

Amazon has two distinct product roles: Product Managers (PMs) and Product Managers-Technical (PMTs). The name suggests that PMTs focus on more technological products like AWS and generally possess engineering or computer science knowledge.

Amazon Product Manager Technical Interview process Phone Interview

Round: 2 rounds

Two telephone interviews with managers from different departments focused on the case and behaviour questions.


Typically, you’ll have to write a two-page essay responding to questions such as, “what is the most innovative project you’ve ever worked on?” or “talk about an experience where you were able to simplify the lives of your customers.”

On-site Interview

Rounds: 6 rounds, 40 to 50 minutes.

You do these interviews with engineers, PMs, and an executive. Each interview will focus on specific topics, including work history, research case, break-even product analysis, or cultural compatibility. Be sure to study Amazon’s twelve leadership principles!

Salary and Benefits

The typical Amazon Senior Product Manager Technical Products salary is $162,886 per year. Senior Product Manager Technical Products salaries at Amazon can range from $131,456 – $200,053 per year.

Program Manager (PGM)

The Sr. Program Manager (PGM) will lead multiple complex technical programs and initiatives from inception to delivery. The PGM is responsible for developing the program strategy, assembling and managing the program team, ensuring successful execution of program objectives within schedule and budget, and maintaining effective communication with all stakeholders.

Program Manager (PGM) Interview Process

Phone Interview

The phone interview with a recruiter is an important step in the interview process. It allows the recruiter to get to know you and your qualifications better, and it also allows you to ask any questions you may have about the company or the position you are applying for. It lasts for about 30 minutes.

On-site Interview (May Last Up to 2 hours)

After the phone screen, if both the recruiter and you feel like it is a good match, you will be invited to come on-site for an interview. This is usually the last step in the interview process before getting an offer.

The on-site interview usually lasts about 2 hours. It consists of several rounds of interviews with different people from the company, such as your potential manager, HR representative, and other team members.

The interviewer will ask about your qualifications, work experience, and skills. They may also give you a case study to assess your analytical and problem-solving abilities.
The interview can be split into:

  • Behavioral interview with the hiring manager.
  • Panel interview with 3-5 program managers from the team.
  • Case study interview with the data analyst.
  • Lunch interview with 2-3 team members.

Salary and Benefits

The typical Amazon Senior Program Manager salary is $138,076 per year. Senior Program Manager Salaries at Amazon can range from $92,085 – $218,012 per year.

AWS CloudPath Program Manager (CP)

The Amazon Web Services CloudPath Program provides a structured structure of learning and assignments that help develop the most recent MBA graduates into potential leaders (managers and contributors to individual accounts) in AWS.

The program focuses on developing, learning and helping candidates move to AWS or Amazon faster. Candidates will be required to lead efforts that significantly impact areas like supply chain management, finance logistics, demand planning, and finance.

AWS CloudPath Program Manager (CP) Interview Process

Phone Interview

The CP Recruiting team will conduct the phone call screening. This call aims to get to know you and your interest in the CloudPath Program Manager role. They will also ask you a few questions to gauge your technical skills.

On-site Interview

The CP Hiring Manager will conduct the in-person interview and will last approximately 4 hours. The interview will consist of a mix of behavioral and technical questions. The behavioral questions will be used to get to know you and your experience managing programs. The technical questions will be used to gauge your knowledge of AWS services.

Salary and Benefit

The average salary for a Program Manager is $78,582 per year. Senior Program Manager Salaries at Amazon range from $78,582 to $130,000 annually.

Pathways Operations Manager

Pathways is an ongoing 5-year Operations Leadership Development Program designed to accelerate the development of talented MBA or Masters-level graduates and potential military leaders with the necessary skills to become Amazon Directors and General Managers.

Pathways members will improve their leadership abilities and acquire an in-depth understanding of the business by completing increasingly challenging assignments throughout Amazon’s ever-growing supply chain.

Leaders in the Pathways program are expected to be agile. They adapt to the company’s growing needs, manage and build large teams, tackle issues with innovative solutions, and achieve outcomes on behalf of our customers!

Pathways Operations Manager interview Process

Phone Interview

An Amazon recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a 45-60 minute phone screen. The primary focus of this call is to get to know you better, understand your motivations for applying to the Pathways program, and assess whether you have the potential to be successful in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Onsite Interview

If you are successful on the phone screen, you will be invited to interview at our Seattle HQ. The onsite interview will consist of 4-5 individual sessions with members of the Pathways team, as well as a case study and a written exercise. The interview is designed to understand better your problem-solving abilities, Amazon-specific business knowledge, and leadership potential.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an Amazon Pathway Operations Manager is $78,596 per year in the United States, which is 45% lower than the average Amazon salary of $144,822 per year for this job.

What to Expect on the Amazon MBA Assessment?

This kind of Amazon assessment online examines your personality, your behavior and your judgment. Theoretically, the test questions might seem more straightforward than the standard math and economic questions you’ll encounter when you’re a student; however, they’re not.

It’s true that, unlike math, there’s no correct or incorrect answer. There are, instead, solutions that FIT the culture and values and those that aren’t.

So, what kinds of questions can you anticipate?

This Amazon exam for assessment of MBA is the test that the company gives to MBA and master’s degree applicants seeking full-time Amazon jobs and internships.

The online MBA test has three sections:

  • Work simulation – a model that provides scenarios for candidates that they might encounter while employed at Amazon.
  • Assessment of work style a personality test.
  • Work Priorities and MBA Role Preference Survey. The applicants will be asked to choose their preference for which MBA positions they prefer (from the ones currently open).

The Work Simulation Test

Recommendation: The Work Simulation Test should be your primary focus when you are preparing for the MBA online test.

Note: A great tool that you should definitely use to your benefit is Amazon’s list of 16 leadership principles (or LPs as Amazonians call them)


Imagine that you have never worked for Amazon, but now you’re faced with real problems at work. Suppose you’re PMT (Product Manager for technical products), and you’re faced with an issue with Alexa’s forthcoming software update, for which you are responsible.

However, the management continues to push to release the update regardless.

What are you going to do?

Expectation: In this evaluation, you’ll get the diverse opinions of your team members. They advise you as well as some operational information (how long it takes to design and implement the feature, for instance).

In the next step, you’ll have to evaluate the data you’ve got from the most crucial to the least significant to your choice.

Work Style Assessment

The Workstyle test is a type of test for a personality that is provided to the majority of Amazon applicants.

While they might claim that there are no “right and wrongs” on this test, it’s possible to determine for yourself that this is not the case.

Like the Work Simulation section, the working style is used to identify the type of person Amazon seeks to fill its managerial roles for MBAs.

Suppose its PMs or PMTs, leaders in retail, finance or any other. The candidate must demonstrate that he’s a leader who fits Amazon’s core values and its culture.

Work Priorities and MBA Role Preference Surveys

Section 1: Work Priorities Survey.

When you take the Work Priorities Survey, you’ll be asked what your priorities in various work environments are based on a range of 1 to 5.

It’s a simple one. If you’re looking to be accepted into Amazon’s Human Resources Leadership Program, you must have “Very Interested” in recruitment and finding the top candidates.

Section 2: MBA Role Preference Survey.

When you take the MBA Role Preferences Survey, It is much more precise. You will be asked to rate the positions you are interested in from least to most.

The best way to approach these sections is to determine beforehand what is appropriate for you based on your thorough research on the internet.