Amazon Military & Veteran Programs

Amazon has a variety of programs in place to assist veterans and their spouses. These programs include fellowships, mentoring programs, skill-building programs, hiring webinars, and various events that aim to assist veterans in finding employment with Amazon.

This page is a guide to all of these programs, explaining the purpose of each program and the ways in which you can benefit from it.

Amazon military program

What Is the Veteran Amazon Military Program Pledge?

The Amazon Military Program Pledge is Amazon’s corporate commitment to hiring at least 100,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2024. There are a number of programs offered by Amazon to assist former service members and military wives with finding rewarding employment.

Those working at Amazon can also benefit from Amazon’s free upskilling programs, through which they can learn new technical skills that will help them land higher-paying, more desirable jobs.

Amazon Military Fellowship Programs

Amazon provides a variety of programs to assist veterans in transitioning from military service into civilian life. Their twin fellowship programs -the Corporate Fellowship Program and the Skillbridge Fellowship Program – are intended to provide veterans with support and assistance in moving from their military career to a significant and meaningful civilian career.

Corporate Fellowship Program

The Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program assists active-duty servicemen and their family members in finding careers at Amazon.

For active duty servicemen, this comes in the form of a 12-week fellowship, while the Military Spouse Fellowship is based around a 6-week program. Service members are required to be within six months (180 days) of leaving the military service at the time at which the program is run, while their spouses only need to have their applications accepted.

Amazon Skillbridge Fellowship

The Skillbridge Fellowship is a result of a partnership between Amazon and the United States Department of Defense to provide departing servicemen (those within 180 days of their separation from the service) with fellowships and apprenticeships.

The objective of this program is to provide veterans and military personnel within the US Armed Forces, the Reserves, and the National Guard with opportunities to help them move to full-time employment with Amazon and to begin preparing for that move soon before or immediately after the completion of their military service.

Military Fellowship Programs Hiring Process

To apply for the program, you need to meet the application requirements for your branch of service. You also need to receive chain of command approval to apply. You should inquire with your local Education Office or Transition office for the details about the approval process that’s relevant for your branch – if your unit does not have a Skillbridge Representative li nearby, feel free to contact Skillbridge directly.

After you complete your application process, you will get a reply from Amazon within six weeks (Although you certainly can follow up with Amazon if it’s been five weeks or more since you sent them your inquiry).

If you complete your training with success, you will be offered a full-time position with Amazon at the completion of your service.

Amazon Veteran Business Leader Program (VBLP)

The VBLP is a program that accepts both transitioning military veterans and candidates that have civilian industry experience.

It allows Amazon to recruit candidates who reflect the military values of honesty and integrity and put those values to good use in management positions such as Instock Manager, Vendor Manager, Product Manager, or Risk Manager.

While a Bachelor’s Degree is required to take part in the Veteran Business Leader Program, applicants are not required to have skills that transfer one-to-one to the Amazon position they are applying for. Amazon provides candidates with training as part of the program.

Amazon Military Mentoring Program (MMP)

The Amazon Military Mentoring Program, or MMP for short, is a program that helps new Amazon employees with a military background connect with other employees who share the same background and have already worked at Amazon for a longer time. The mentor is expected to help the newer employee (also called the mentee) apply their pre-existing military values and skills to Amazon’s unique workplace culture.

After matching through the MMP platform, the mentor and mentee both agree to meet at least six or seven times over the mentee’s first year at work. Both mentor and mentee will receive educational materials from Amazon’s Military Ambassador Program (MAP) that will appear on their MMP dashboard and which they can use as guidance for the mentorship process.

The Military Mentoring Program, and the associated Military Ambassador Program, are built on Amazon’s pre-existing experience of the challenges that transitioning veterans face during their first year of work at Amazon.

Amazon EMEA Military Recruiting Program

The EMEA Military Recruiting Program is the Amazon veterans employment program for veterans outside the United States (for example, within the United Kingdom).

Amazon is committed to helping veterans in a range of countries deal with unemployment challenges and works with governments and veterans’ organizations to help veterans transition into the civilian workplace.

From a corporate standpoint, Amazon believes that the values of honesty and integrity imbued by the military life are also useful in management positions in the Amazon workplace, and as part of its employment program, it helps veterans who have shown appropriate records transition into Amazon jobs rapidly even where their service skills do not have a direct civilian application.

Amazon Military Pathway Program

Amazon Pathways is a very selective, five-year program that helps candidates with military leadership experience gain the skills and professional knowledge that they need to become General Managers and Directors at Amazon.

Getting into the Pathways program is a substantial challenge. Only about 5% of the candidates get accepted. Requirements include at least five years of military service in an officer or NCO leadership position, at least a Bachelor’s degree, as well as an excellent record of military service demonstrating that the candidate has performed well in positions of leadership and responsibility under operational pressure.

Candidates whose resume is accepted must pass several different Amazon Online Assessments, including:

  • Working With the Team.
  • Planning for the Team.
  • Working With Metrics.
  • Work Experiences.
  • Work Style Assessment.

Having completed these with success, the candidates must pass both a phone interview and a virtual interview.


Warriors@Amazon Affinity Group

The Warriors@Amazon Affinity group has over 350 chapters across the United States. It organizes casual get-togethers, volunteer opportunities, and education opportunities for both veterans and military spouses working at Amazon.

Amazon Military Spouses

Amazon provides assistance to military spouses both in terms of assisting them in finding remote jobs that are compatible with the reality of life in a service member’s family, as well as opportunities for publishing and selling through Amazon. The company maintains a cadre of recruiters who communicate directly with military spouses and who have the knowledge and skills to understand the unique challenges that these men and women face in finding employment.

Amazon Student Veterans

Amazon is highly interested in hiring both student veterans and recent graduates. To make use of the skills and values that come from a military service experience, Amazon has created several different opportunities for student veterans as regional managers, safety specialists, or interns as part of the company’s Internship Program.

Beyond this, Amazon has a variety of part-time positions specifically geared for veterans wishing to supplement their GI Bill income.

Amazon Virtual Military Hiring Webinars and Events

To ensure transitioning service members and military spouses are kept aware of the different opportunities available within Amazon in terms of both jobs and training programs, Amazon holds both in-person lectures and networking events at military bases throughout the United States, as well as webinars that service personnel can enroll in. These provide information both about the currently available opportunities and the best ways to get a job at Amazon.