Amazon Operations Manager Hiring Process: A Complete Guide

On this page, we will walk you through the process of becoming an Amazon Operations Manager.

We will examine the following and provide you with answers:

  • Amazon Operations Manager’s Responsibilities.
  • Important skills, qualities, and requirements needed to get hired.
  • In-depth overview of the hiring steps.
  • Salaries, bonuses, and more.

Each step will be explained in detail, so you are aware of what to expect. Interested in finding your dream Amazon job… read on.

What Does an Operations Manager Do at Amazon?

An Operations Manager is a management post at a higher rank. Amazon Operations Managers manage the day-to-day operations of their department.

They make sure that:

  • The company’s employees are all striving for the same goal.
  • Act as a liaison between managers to resolve any issues or concerns.

Amazon Operations Managers must be able to manage multiple tasks at once while still paying attention to detail.

Managers manage large groups of employees, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. This requires leaders who can communicate well with all parties.

What Is the Difference Between an Amazon Operations Manager and an Area Manager?

The main differences between these positions are the level of workers they manage and the kind of work they’re required to do. While area managers supervise a team of warehouse associates, operations managers supervise a team of area managers.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their responsibilities and duties:

Operations Manager Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating with Selling Partner Manager SPA to ensure Amazon customers are protected from fraud or abuse. This can include complex investigations.
  • Ensuring that every rule or code translates into quality, efficiency, and excellence.
  • Guiding both remote and onsite program managers to ensure that products, systems, and processes go from developmental to operational status as quickly as possible.
  • Setting goals and objectives that align with global strategic planning.
  • Directing recruitment, training, and workforce management to meet forecasted demand.
  • Leading teams of supervisors, managers, and associates to achieve the best-selling partner interaction.

Amazon Area Manager Responsibilities

  • Overseeing that every package is received, stowed, picked, packed, and shipped.
  • Setting clear expectations and workflow.
  • Responsibility for training and leading a team of associates through positive motivation.
  • Setting performance goals and targets to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring product security by adhering to company procedures and regulations.

What Are the Most Important Skills and Qualities Needed to Be an Operations Manager at Amazon?

These skills are essential for Amazon Operations Managers to succeed:


Leadership skills enable an operations manager to motivate and inspire their employees to achieve great results. Your leadership skills can be used to support your team’s professional growth, improve their performance and develop new skills.


Communication is an essential skill for operations managers. Communication with clients, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders may be required. Other managers may also need to be informed about the company’s goals and objectives.


Problem-solving skills enable you to identify problems, create solutions and then implement them. You may be an operations manager responsible for overseeing the production of products or services. It is important that you are able to identify and solve potential problems.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability to critically analyze a situation and make a decision based on the information available. Operation managers need to use critical thinking skills in order to make decisions regarding production, employee relations, and other aspects of their jobs.


Organization is the ability to plan and execute tasks in an orderly manner. Operations managers have many responsibilities. It is important that they are able to prioritize their tasks and organize their day. This will help them complete their tasks efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively.

How to Become an Amazon Operations Manager?

Below we’ll go over the prerequisites for applying and the different hiring stages you must pass.

Qualifications and Requirements

These qualifications are required for Amazon operations managers:


Most employers require that an operations manager has a bachelor’s in business, management, or a closely related field. However, employers may accept candidates who have a high school diploma, or an equivalent, along with relevant work experience.

Experience & Training

The majority of operations managers will receive on-the-job training for their new roles. This will allow the operations manager to learn about the company’s processes and procedures. In addition, this training will help the operations manager learn about the company’s software and computer systems.

Sometimes, operations managers receive training off the job through seminars and conferences. These conferences can be a great way for operations managers to learn about new strategies, technologies, and best practices.

Licenses & Certifications

Certificates are a way for professionals to show their skills to future and current employers. Amazon operations managers can obtain certifications to increase their knowledge and professional skills.

Resume and Application

Go to Amazon Job Search and look for Fulfillment & Operation Management. If you have already applied for a job that meets your qualifications, you can create a new profile or log in to access your existing profile.

Upload your resume. You do not need a cover letter. Your resume will be passed on to Amazon Assessment if you are deemed a good match.

After you pass the initial resume screening, you’ll be invited to take an online assessment.

Amazon Operations Manager Online Assessment Test

Like the Amazon Area Manager position, the online tests for the Operations Manager have changed, so pay attention.

Several sections make up the test, some are timed, while others are not.

Amazon Working With the Team

Time Limit: None.
Scenarios: 7-8
Format: Four multiple choice options for each scenario.
Evaluation: Critical thinking, judgment, and decision-making.

It is important to note that answering each real-life work scenario or dilemma will demand thorough knowledge of Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles. The company wants to ensure that you can fully integrate those principles into your day to day work.

Note: You can’t return to previous scenarios once you press continue.

Amazon Planning for the Team

Time Limit: None
Scenarios: 10
Format: 5-point multiple-choice scale
Evaluation: Managing Objectives, People Management, and Corporate Management.

This section is very difficult and also requires a good grasp of Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles. There may be questions about how to deal with difficult tasks within a limited timeframe.

Amazon Working With Metrics

Time Limit: 60 minutes
Questions: 18 Numerical questions
Format: Tables and five multiple choice answers
Evaluation: Metrics

These questions, for instance, will focus on highlighting specific products through following company sale trends.

Amazon Work Style Assessment

Time Limit: No time limit, but should take 15-20 min.
Questions: 38 questions
Format: Side-by-side statements on a scale
Evaluation: Personality test

This is a personality test that takes two statements and puts them on a line. Each statement is accompanied by two answer options most like me or less like me. The hardest part is deciding which one to use for each statement.

Amazon Work Experiences

Time Limit: No time limit.
Questions : 12-16 questions.
Format: Multiple Choice
Evaluation: Practical experience and skills
Each question will be followed by five multiple-choice answers. Don’t spend too much time on each question, as it will only trip you up.

After passing the online assessment, candidates will be contacted by a recruiter to schedule a phone interview.

Telephone Interview

These conversations will allow you to share your past experiences and discuss how you have dealt with them. Please keep your eyes on the question, and make sure you answer it in a structured way. If necessary, provide metrics or data. Refer to the most recent situations whenever possible.

Amazon does not ask brain teaser questions, but they do ask you behavior-based questions about your work experience and personal style. Looking at your past behavior and actions in comparable work situations will help give the company an initial feel of your potential for success before moving to the in-person interview.

In-person Interview

Use Amazon’s Leadership Principles to analyze your successes and failures before the interview. Next, plan how you will talk about them using the S.T.A.R method.

Showcase your expertise by demonstrating how you have taken risks, succeeded, failed, and learned from them. Innovation is not without its risks. Many of the most successful programs originated in failed projects. You must learn from every effort, success or failure.

Math Flow Questions

You can answer the math flow question either during an interview over the phone or on-site. This test measures your ability and willingness to perform the math required for the job at Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Sample Question

The company has 30 employees who work 8 hours a day, five days a week. Two need to be indirect- they are not involved in the production process.

During the day, the company produces 150 units per hour directly, with two 18-minute breaks in between.

  • In a 40-hour week, how many units can your division manufacture?
  • How many extra workers will it take to manufacture 12,000 units in a week?

Writing Sample

Candidates at the L6 and higher levels, such as Operations Managers, will often be required to complete a written exercise before attending an on-site interview.

The purpose of this writing sample is to evaluate your writing skills since Operations Managers are expected to have excellent writing skills.

You should write 2-4 pages and address one of the topics they have sent you.

Examples for Interview Questions

The following are some examples of interview questions for operation managers:

  • Some employees are resistant to change and stick with old methods. How can you encourage them to adopt new procedures as an operations manager?
  • Are you familiar with negotiating contracts with suppliers outside of your company?
  • Operations managers must deal with large quantities of data every day. Let me know about your favorite data processing and statistical software.

What To Wear for an Amazon Operations Manager Interview?

Casual and comfortable. While some fulfillment centers require you to wear closed-toed shoes for safety reasons, most offices have people who are wearing everyday clothes. We care about what you have to offer, not what clothes you wear.

How Much Does an Amazon Operations Manager Make?

The salaries of operations managers vary depending on their education level, years of experience, company size, and industry.

Amazon Operations Manager Salary

Over the next decade, operations managers are expected to see an average increase in employment.

The economy’s overall health is a major factor in the demand for operations managers. Companies will need to increase their production and distribution as there is more demand for services and products. These activities will require the supervision of operations managers.

As associates work 10 hours daily, leaders can expect an 11-12 hour norm due to pre-shift and after-shift meetings. The leaders work 13-14 hours while associates work 12-hour shifts.

Bonus and Benefits

The signing bonus for an Amazon operations manager is significant,
given the job requires a great degree of responsibility. If you have all of the required credentials, you should apply to huge firms like Amazon to acquire the most beneficial corporate experience.

Large organizations routinely pay future employees money in advance to entice them to join and become a part of the organization. A signing bonus is what it’s called. If you quit the firm, you are not compelled to return it.

Amazon also provides job benefits to employees who work for more
than 90 days. Job benefits include:

  • Disability insurance coverage.
  • Medical and dental plans.
  • 401 (k) retirement plans.
  • Stock purchase plans.
  • Paid leave.
  • Life Insurance

Career Progression

Since you have such a diverse business background, you can pursue a variety of career paths and promotion prospects as a Business Operations Manager.

Director of Business Operations, Strategic Planning Manager, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics, Chief Operating Officer, or Vice President of Operations are all direct promotions for Senior Business Operations Managers.

On the other hand, many prefer to transfer their expertise to another department as a leader or manager.