How to Become an Amazon Area Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide

From good compensation and bonuses to work-life balance, the Amazon Area Manager position has its upsides.

However, knowing how to bag the job demands, understanding the hiring process, and the skills demanded by the position is a challenge.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about being an Amazon area manager candidate, applying for the position, educational requirements, and basic skill sets. Can you keep up in this fast-paced environment? Let’s see!

Amazon area manager

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What Does an Area Manager Do for Amazon?

It is important to know what the Amazon area manager’s job entails and the responsibilities of the position. It will help you understand the necessary skill-sets, bring the right qualifications, and excel. There are several responsibilities of an Amazon area manager listed below.

Responsible management of operations goes beyond task delegation; you must lead, motivate, develop meaningful relationships with your staff, and fully adhere to safety programs to fully take ownership of your warehouse corner.

The Amazon area manager ensures that goods’ picking, packaging, and shipment go smoothly without a hitch. In addition, they are in charge of picking and training their team members in assigned areas so that they are well integrated, complete tasks at record time, and ensure KPI targets are met.

As Amazon area managers build up their team of Amazon warehouse associates, it is their job to mentor, coach, and develops the skills of Amazon associates. In addition, they ensure that their staff provides the best quality work services and are well-protected as a safe work environment is paramount.

The area manager is charged with setting performance goals for their team and ensuring they are met at the highest levels possible. However, in the same breath, it’s crucial to ensure that expectations are within reason. They make sure their team follows operation procedures to avoid the loss and damage of goods in the assigned area.

To this end, you want to ensure that you fully understand OSHA compliance with workplace safety & health regulations to ensure that the company is safe and efficient.

Amazon Area Manager Salary, Work Hours, and Bonuses

The Amazon area manager must put in a certain number of weekly work hours. They also have basic salaries, tips, and bonuses.

Here are all the details.

An area manager at Amazon works about 50 hours a week or 12-hour shifts over four days. Similarly, there are times your shift will be at night, but it does come with an extra payment.

An Amazon area manager’s salary ranges from place to place and country to country. Here is an estimate of the company’s wages, tips, and bonuses.

The average salary of an Amazon area manager is $60,000 per year; that’s about $5000 salary a month. This includes cash bonuses and compensations. Nevertheless, it is helpful to understand that this number ranges or varies based on location. Area managers at Amazon can earn as low as $3500 and as high as $7000 monthly.

Other benefits enjoyed by Amazon area managers are as follows.

Health insurance:
Area managers at Amazon are given health insurance is solid. It includes dental care, accident insurance, vision insurance, and so on.

Employee discount:
This is an added advantage when working as an area manager at Amazon. Employees are given discounts on goods at Amazon.

Area managers at Amazon are given vacation. They are initially given two weeks of leave and an additional six personal days. Vacation days for area managers increase to 3 weeks after one year.

Is It Hard To Get a Management Job at Amazon?

There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the more complex companies to get accepted at, and the challenge increases for the managerial job. The company is the fourth most valuable company in the world, employing over 150,000 and over 20,000 open positions at any time. However, getting the position requires proving that you truly fit the culture.

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Amazon Area Manager Educational Qualifications, Skill Sets, and Traits

There are a number of additional requirements for the area manager role that we should discuss. We will also go into the educational qualifications laid out by the company in further detail below.

To be considered for an area manager role, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Business Management, or any management-related field, it is imperative to know that others with a degree are also applying for the Amazon job openings. You need to prove that you have rich previous experience.

Here are some of the skill sets required to get and excel in the role of area manager at Amazon.

As an Amazon area manager, you need great communication skills with proven ability in marketing and sales, as you will be responsible for such tasks. Amazon is looking for a quality team leader that can get people to perform assigned tasks on time and with excellence.

Considering that the job entails not only the delegation of tasks but also report filing, you must take ownership of the position.

You should be energetic and must be a motivating figure. This is necessary because you must inspire your team to complete tasks in record time and adhere to guidelines and processes.

Amazon Area Manager Hiring Process

To be hired as an area manager at Amazon, there are processes you must follow. Here is a step-by-step guide for this role.

Amazon Area Manager Online Application

  • Go to the Amazon website. When Amazon needs people to fill certain roles, they announce it on their website.
  • Pick the appointment for the role of manager.
  • Create a profile on Amazon. The role of an area manager is under Fulfilment and Operations Management. Upload your CV. You do not have to add a covering letter.
  • FYI, don’t bother writing up a cover letter, as the company does not accept them.

So, that’s the first stage of the process. Then, if you are qualified for the job role, you will be moved up to the Amazon Assessment Stage.

Amazon Area Manager Online Assessment Test

Progressing to the next stage is determined by your performance on the online assessment test. Therefore, it is important to put in your best to pass to keep your dream of becoming an area manager alive. This stage consists of two tests; here is everything you need to know.

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Amazon Working With the Team

This segment of the test demands that you take Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles and use them towards critical thinking, decision making and often snap judgment calls.

Each situation thrown at you will be based on manufactured situations that arise daily on the job.
While there is no time limit on each of the 7-8 questions, once you answer you cannot go back.

Amazon Working With Metrics

This section is all about metrics, data sources, and math calculations as they relate to Amazon. You will have a total of 60 minutes to complete 18-19 numerical questions. Hey you can even use a calculator and paper to work out your answers.

Amazon Work Style Assessment

This section of the test takes 15-20 minutes to complete. The recruiter is expected to assess your personality and decide if it is the best fit for the work culture at Amazon. You will be given 38 statements, and you will pick how strongly you agree or do not agree with the statements.

The questions will be based on performance goals, responsible managing solutions, and more.

Here is an example:

work-style-assessment ranking question

To help ensure your own success, it is essential to review the Amazon 16 Leadership Principles. Below are the original 14, but the company did add #15: Strive to Be Earth’s Best Employer and #16: Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility.

Amazon 16 Leadership Principles.

Amazon Work Experiences

With no time limit, you will be given 12-16 ranking questions. These questions will focus on practical skills and experiences directly related to the position at hand.

Practice with accurate mock questions.

Amazon Area Manager In-Person Interview

This interview stage is where you meet with your employers physically. However, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the interview may take place on Amazon chime instead of face-to-face at the Amazon office. There are two interviews in this stage, which take about an hour and thirty minutes.

The interviews will be based on the Amazon Principles (see above) in STAR Format (Situation, Task, Action, Result.) You will be asked questions surrounding customer service, team managing and training, past work experience, ongoing motiving and mentoring of employees, expected outcomes from various scenarios, and more.

Again you want to highlight your knowledge of the Amazon Principles, can tackle problems quickly, and apply knowledge and past experiences in a way that no other candidate can.

If you pass this stage successfully, you will get an email with a job offer from Amazon for New Hire Orientation. This means you are now an Amazon area manager. The best of luck on your job search!!


What Is the Amazon Area Manager Career Path?

There is no doubt that getting ahead at Amazon is no easy task. While the Amazon Manager position is one of the easier jobs to grab, corporate is really where it’s at! There are two primary meetings that take place yearly that deal with promotions. The first is in February or March, and the second is in September or October.

Amazon breaks down its employees into three categories:

  • Top 20% – These are the ones that are promoted.
  • Middle 70% – These workers are good enough that the company wants to keep them happy, but are not ready for promotion.
  • Bottom 10% – These workers should just be happy to keep their jobs.

What Are the Amazon Area Manager Levels?

If you have been promoted or hired as an Amazon Area Manager that means you are now a Level 4. In practicality, this means that you will go from hourly wages to full-time salary.

Are There Bonuses?

Yes, you can earn up to $4,000 yearly.

Is There a Background Check and Drug Test?

Yes, you will be subjected to a test drug cheek swab after receiving a job offer along with a general background check. It’s also important to note that the company may also ask you to undergo periodic swab tests throughout your tenure at the company,

What to Wear to the Interview and the General Dress Code?

During both the interview and going forward, Amazon cares about your abilities and character and less about what you wear. You can wear casual and comfortable wear, just make sure it’s appropriate for a workplace.