Amazon Assessment Test: How To Get Ready

The information on this page will assist you in preparing for all Amazon Assessment tests, with access to the most accurate and current information available online.

Each of the sections below includes a short description to a specific Amazon assessment, including an explanation of the content and purpose of each test, as well as some sample questions that will help you understand what the test will be like.

Amazon assessment test

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What Is the Amazon Assessment Test?

Amazon Assessment Tests are online tests used by Amazon to assess the skills and abilities of job applicants. The Work Style Assessment and Work Simulation are the most commonly used, but other Amazon Assessments also exist for more specialized positions, for example, software development engineers, managers, and so on.

The Hiring Process at Amazon

The hiring process at Amazon usually includes the following five stages:

  1. Resume Review.
  2. Online Assessment.
  3. Phone Interview.
  4. Face-to-face Interview.
  5. Job Offer.

Below is a summary of the most common Amazon Assessments.

Amazon SDE Online Assessment

SDE stands for Software Development Engineer. The Amazon SDE Online Assessment includes coding and personality assessments to assess candidates for software development positions – whether fresh interns or experienced programmers.

For interns and recent graduates, the assessment has three sections: Two coding tasks, followed by a Work Simulation and then the Work Style Assessment. Candidates for roles that require more experience will also have to answer a coding approach questionnaire.
Amazon’s Work Simulation and personality tests are based on its 16 Amazon Leadership Principles. You should be keeping those principles in mind when answering questions.

The correct answer is 5. Amazon S3 (the Amazon cloud service) is both secure and reliable, and it’s easy to retrieve information from the system. Because it stores objects directly as objects, this system is the most reliable way to both retain and rapidly retrieve the image thumbnails.

Amazon Work Simulation

The Amazon Work Simulation assessment is a test you will almost certainly have to encounter if you’re applying to work at Amazon. It’s used for all manner of positions and is intended to evaluate your ability to face day-to-day challenges, as seen in the Amazon workplace.

You will be tested on your ability to multitask, solve and prioritize problems, work under stress and apply the Amazon Leadership Principles.

Scenarios will be based on an email from a coworker that describes the situation you must address. As part of the simulation, the candidate must respond to emails and messages from fictitious superiors and coworkers.

In each question, the candidates get more information they can use to help them answer, presented in a variety of formats such as graphs or spreadsheets. They will then have to answer a number of multiple-choice questions.

The Amazon Hiring Simulation is a less frequent version of this test. It deals with reading and understanding data in various formats.

anwser work simulation question

Amazon Work Style Assessment

The Amazon Work Style Assessment is a type of personality test – used by the company to evaluate candidates’ personal qualities to ensure they’re compatible with Amazon’s workplace culture.

This test is usually taken directly with other assessments and only rarely administered to candidates as a standalone test.

The assessment should take around 15 minutes. In each question you will see two statements, and be asked to choose which of them is a closer description of your own qualities.

Once again, the test is inspired by the Amazon Leadership Principles. The Principles are a keystone of Amazon’s workplace culture, and all employees are expected to know and practice them.

If you want to succeed in the Work Style Assessment, you must understand the Leadership Principles and how to put them into practice.

Here is an example of such a question:

This is a question where there are two possibly good answers. It’s seen as inappropriate for Amazon employees to overinflate their achievements – instead, they should not be afraid to ask for help when they need it and admit flaws.

For this reason it’s best to answer MOST LIKE ME or MORE LIKE ME in response, whether or not you have lots of experience working in a team, or if your experience has largely been related to working along.

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

The Amazon maintenance technician assessment (also called Amazon Tech 2 or Tech 3) is a test created by Ramsay Corporation to evaluate the candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of technology-related topics.

The test consists of 75 questions, which would take about 180 minutes to answer.
The test covers Print reading, Control Circuits, Preventive Maintenance, Electrical Theory, and Power Tools.

The right answer is C. Fuse rating must exceed the system’s normal consumption. If all three devices are working at once, we must calculate system current by adding up their current.

We can calculate current in amperes by dividing a device’s power in Watt by its voltage in Volt (where current = P/V).

Therefore, a device consuming 550W in a 110V system requires 5 amperes, a 770W device in the 110V system requires 7A, and a 330 device requires 3A. The sum of these is 15A, and since the fuse rating has to be higher, then the answer must be 20A.

The correct answer is 1. We can rule out answers 2 and 3 because the button does not influence M1 in any way. Pressing the button will enable M1, but releasing it will not stop the current from flowing.

Amazon Control Systems Technician Test

The Amazon Control Systems assessment is taken by candidates for a range of technology as well as other top positions and covers eight topics, such as process control, circuit schematics, motors, electrical theory, and so on.

Like the other technical assessments, this one is a Ramsay type of test. It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

The right answer is C. Fuse rating must exceed the system’s normal consumption. If all three devices are working at once, we must calculate system current by adding up their current.

We can calculate current in amperes by dividing a device’s power in Watt by its voltage in Volt (where current = P/V).

Therefore, a device consuming 550W in a 110V system requires 5 amperes, a 770W device in the 110V system requires 7A, and a 330 device requires 3A. The sum of these is 15A, and since the fuse rating has to be higher, then the answer must be 20A.

Amazon AWS Online Assessment

The Amazon AWS online assessment deals with several different topics. It will typically contain:

  • Work Simulation test.
  • Work-Style assessment.
  • A technical test, as appropriate for your position.
  • A customer interaction simulation for candidates applying for customer-facing positions.

Here are two examples of AWS tests:

The Amazon Solution Architect (SA) online assessment is intended for candidates for Solution Architect positions. It will typically take up to an hour and a half to answer and will include:

  • Work Simulation.
  • Amazon Work Style Assessment.
  • General Technical Knowledge.
  • Proficiency Interest Survey.
  • Technical Indicator Assessment.

The AWS Support Engineer assessment is similar in many ways. It contains:

  • A Work Simulation assessment.
  • A General Technical Proficiency assessment.
  • A questionnaire for the various AWS support positions.
  • A Work Style assessment.

The technical questions are different from those in the SA test because this test is intended for positions that require a different level of technical skill (typically somewhat less advanced than what is required in the Solution Architect roles).

The correct answer here is 2. While an airship is a somewhat unusual means of transport in the real world, any method of transferring ten petabytes of data online would take weeks and months – at this point it becomes faster to put the data on a drive and physically transport it across the country.

Amazon Area Manager, Operations Manager, and Pathways Assessment

These area and operation management candidate tests contain between 4 and 5 sections made to challenge your knowledge, skills, and personal qualities.

  • Working With the Team – Like similar Work Simulation tests, this test contains real-world situations and dilemmas you may encounter as an Area Manager or Operations Manager.
  • Working With Metrics – This section evaluates your mathematical knowledge and data analysis skills using numerical problems.
  • Planning for the Team – This subsection includes Workplace scenarios that test your ability to plan effectively and follow the Leadership Principles.
  • Work Style Assessment – A personality test focusing on the culture and leadership principles of Amazon.
  • Work Experiences – In this section, you will find ranking questions examining various aspects of your employment experience.
Amazon working with metrics sample question

The correct answer is E.

If the product placed on the first page must be that which did best in the prior month, clearly for October that must be the product that did best in September – that is Product E with its 765 thousand sales.

Amazon Technical Academy (ATA) Assessments

Candidates for the Amazon Technical Academy must pass the following tests:

  • AMCAT: The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is a logic test in which the candidate is given thirty-five minutes to rapidly answer 24 questions.
  • Work Style Assessment.
  • Technical Assessment: A 3-hour test of your knowledge of Java fundamentals using multiple-choice questions and an open-ended coding assignment.

To be considered for the position, you must submit a positive manager nomination form in addition to passing an interview. You can also choose to do a coding project, which was previously mandatory.

Here, we must carefully evaluate the alphabetic patterns of each possible answer. We will soon see that answer 3 is the only answer in which the letters are in a simple alphabetical order (L, M, and N) and therefore this is the right answer.

Amazon Financial Analyst Assessment Test

Candidates who apply for an Amazon Financial Analyst  position must go through a series of interviews and assessments, including:

  • Work Simulation: This test simulates day-to-day workplace challenges and takes about 50 minutes to complete.
  • Work Style Assessment: A 15-minute personality assessment that determines what qualities will help you succeed at Amazon.
  • Financial Analyst Excel Test: This assessment evaluates your knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including creating macros and making use of various advanced features of the software.

Sample Question & Answer (Work Style) for the Amazon Financial Analyst Assessment

These statements highlight an Amazon Leadership Principle: Earn Trust

Being honest about personal weaknesses and mistakes, as well as recognizing others’ contributions, fosters connection and mutual respect within the organization.

Amazon requires employees to be self-motivated, rather than expecting others to prompt them.

The recommended answer should be “more like me”; however, if this is one of your strengths, mark it as ‘most’.

Amazon Mechatronics & Robotics Test

Candidates who apply for the 12-week Amazon RME (Reliability, Maintenance, and Engineering’s Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship program) need to pass a test that includes the following types of questions:

  • Numerical Reasoning Questions.
  • Electricity Questions.
  • Mechatronics and Robotics Questions.
  • Verbal Questions.

Which chain should move faster in order for the tractor to turn in the arrow’s direction chain 1 or chain 2?
If both chains need to move at the same speed to make the turn, choose  3.

Mechanical Reasoning

The correct answer is chain 1.

The illustration shows a tractor about to turn from an overhead perspective. This movement can be paralleled to a circular motion problem in which the one travelling along the outer edge of the turn it has a greater distance to cover. In contrast, chain 2 stays almost completely still (as it is the axis of the turn).

Therefore, chain 1 has to move faster in order for the tractor to move in the marked direction.

Amazon MBA Online Assessment

The Amazon MBA online assessment test is intended for MBA or equivalent graduates and interns seeking jobs and internships alike.

This assessment includes the following three sections, none of which evaluate specific technical or professional knowledge.

However, it is necessary to pass this test to advance to the next stage of the recruitment process.

The three sections of the test are:

  • Work simulation: A simulation that presents typical Amazon workplace scenarios (mini business cases).
  • Work Style assessment: A test focusing on Amazon’s culture and leadership values.
  • Agree or Disagree: A series of statements about personality traits, preferences, etc. You have to rate each statement between Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree.
  • Work priorities: Ranking questions about different Amazon workplace activities.

The best answer is 4. Being able to persuade others is clearly an important ability for management and team members. If you’re not going for a leadership position it’s probably best to select 4, as it suggests you are reasonably good at persuading others.

Amazon Numerical Reasoning Test (by SHL)

This assessment is created by SHL, one of the world’s largest test providers. It evaluates your abilities by using graphs and charts. Candidates face a strict time limit and their performance is compared to that of other applicants.

The Amazon Numerical Reasoning Test gives the candidate eighteen minutes to answer 10 questions. There’s also a less common version of the assessment, where the candidate has 25 minutes to answer 18 questions.

On these tests, the candidate is given partial data that they must complete using calculation. The candidate must adjust blank graphs to match their findings.

This test gives you about a minute and a half to answer each question – so you should work on your solution speed as part of your preparation.

Amazon Warehouse Assessment Test

If you apply to warehouse or fulfillment positions at Amazon, you will have to undergo the Amazon Associate Game On Virtual Job Tryout.

There are two parts to this test:

Tell Us Your Story

In this part you must answer 22 multiple-choice questions about your work experience Some examples include:

  • What is your most recent employer’s rating of your attendance?
  • How often did you miss work without an excuse in your most recent job?
  • Compared to others, how would your former manager assess your drive to succeed?

Answers must be ranked from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”

Stow Pro
This test uses three games to showcase work similar to that done at Amazon facilities. Candidates must place virtual items on shelves, and place packages in carts, and shopping bags.

What Comes After the Amazon Online Assessment?

Those who pass the assessment tests enter the interview process, which consists of several stages.

Phone Interview

The phone interview can be either behavioral (that’s to say, focusing on your personality) or technical (focusing on your professional knowledge), depending on the role you applied for.

Behavioral interviews will discuss your past experiences and ways you have handled workplace situations.

As you prepare for the interview, keep the Leadership Principles in mind!

Technical interviews often include coding and design problems that the candidates need to answer using a whiteboard.

There are ten different technical topics with which you may be confronted at the interview.

It’s best to ask your recruiters in advance which topics will come up, but in any event you won’t be tested on your memory skills, but rather your problem-solving skills.

A representative from Amazon will usually contact you within two days of your interview.

Face-to-Face Interview

All of Amazon’s face-to-face Amazons are done online, using the company’s Chime platform.

Like the phone interviews, the face-to-face interviews can be behavioral or technical (depending on the role you’re applying to).

In technical interviews, the candidate uses a whiteboard as a demonstration tool. For some roles, for example developer positions, you will also discuss your responses to the skill assessments with the interviewer.

In a behavioral interview, you should talk about your past work experience in a way that will show how Amazon’s Leadership Principles apply to you.

The interview is longer and covers more detail than the phone interview you passed earlier, and is harder to prepare for. The “Bar Raiser” interview technique is often used by Amazon interviewers at this stage.

You will probably be contacted by HR within 5 business days after completing this stage.

Written Exercise

This is another step that precedes the interviews. Typically this step is reserved for applicants for Level 5 positions or higher.

In this exercise, you will have to answer 1-2 questions. It is best to keep the length of your answers between two to four Word pages, with a font size of 11 or 12. You will typically have about 48 hours to submit your answer.

The Interview is the most important step in deciding whether or not you will be hired. This is why it’s recommended to prepare in advance, just like you would for an exam.

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