Amazon Employee Benefits Overview [2022]

As a well-established and innovative company with 1.6 million employees, this eCommerce giant offers its employees a comprehensive set of financial, medical, and legal benefits.

This page aims to help you better understand the benefits provided for employees at Amazon. We will go into the following topics:

  • Amazon Medical Benefits.
  • Amazon Dental Benefits.
  • Amazon Vision Plan Benefits.
  • Amazon Financial Benefits.
  • Amazon Insurance Benefits.
  • Amazon Assistance and Services Benefits.
  • Amazon Leave of Absence Benefits.

Let’s dive in.

amazon employee benefits

What are Amazon's Employee Benefits?

Amazon’s employee benefits include comprehensive family health plans, a 401k plan, health insurance benefits, investment options, Amazon Career Choice, and Amazon employee discounts. These benefits pertain to employees in Classes F, R, and H, all of whom qualify for benefits as they work between 20-40 hours a week.

Due to its size, Amazon has worked to help support employees in an expanded and more comprehensive way. By working regularly scheduled hours, starting at 20 hours per week, you will be qualified for benefits.

Note: The benefits information listed in this article is not for employees who currently work in Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Utah. If you’re currently working in one of these states, please refer here for a different benefits overview.

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Amazon Health Insurance Benefits

Amazon’s insurance benefits include disability insurance, basic life insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D), critical illness and personal accidents insurance, and Amazon renters, homeowners, auto, and pet insurance.

Amazon Disability Insurance

Amazon benefits include disability coverage insurance on a short and long-term basis for employees working 30+ hours at zero personal cost. If you become medically disabled, long-term and short-term disability plans will provide you with partial income, up to 60% of your qualified salary.

For short-term disability benefits (STD) you will receive 26 weeks of benefits.

If you need coverage for disability related to short-term pregnancy you will receive 100% of basic earnings—up to 4 weeks pre-partum and ten weeks post-partum.

For long-term disability (LTD), benefits will be paid on a long-term basis after an initial waiting period of 180 days. Pre-existing conditions are protected.

Amazon Life and Unintentional Death and Incapacity Insurance

Capped at $2,000,000, you can purchase life insurance coverage in amounts of 1-10 times your base salary. Amazon will provide two times your base salary for Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D). Supplemental life insurance is available for purchase, and in the event you die will be paid to pre-designated beneficiaries.

Life insurance can be purchased for your spouse/domestic partner in the event they die, in amounts of $25,000 and capped at $250,000. You can buy life insurance for up to $20,000 for your children. In addition to an accelerated death benefit, supplemental AD&D insurance is also available for all eligible dependents. These benefits are capped at $2,000,000.

Amazon Insurance for Critical Illness and Personal Accidents

Amazon offers Critical Illness Insurance discounts along with Personal Accident Insurance via MetLife.

Critical Illness Insurance is supplemental insurance available, and will pay a one-time payment, or lump sum benefit, if you are identified with a severe medical condition such as cancer or a stroke. This benefit helps cover costs like lodging, transportation, the insurance deductible, and co-insurance.

This benefit will help pay for specific expenses that pertain to out-of-the-blue accidents (where they are eligible for coverage).

Examples are emergency room visits, dislocations, and burns. This benefit helps employees further protect themselves financially in their insurance plan.

Amazon Renters, Homeowners, Auto, and Pet Insurance

Amazon offers discounted rates for homeowners, auto, pet, and renters’ insurance on one easy platform. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also offers a 20% discount.

Amazon Health Benefits Premiums For Full Time and Part Time Workers

The following table sums up the monthly and weekly payments Amazon workers pay for their chosen medical benefits plan in 2022. It includes the premiums for full-time and part-time workers and monthly and weekly deductions.

amazon health plan rate

Source: Amazon.

Amazon Medical Benefits

There are multiple plans to choose from, and prescription drugs, x-rays, emergency hospital care, lab work, and more, all covered. Amazon does not exclude any pre-existing conditions from their offered plans; all preventative care is fully included.

Amazon Shared Deductible Plan

Your network options are Premera Blue Cross or Aetna, and Co-insurance covers 90% of in-network expenses.

Deductibles range from $1,000 per employee to $3,000 per family. You will be responsible for half of your deductible, while the Health Reimbursement Account funded by Amazon will cover the rest.

Amazon will contribute the following towards this account depending on whom you cover: $500 per employee to $1,500 per household.

Your out-of-pocket maximums for prescription and medical range from $2,000 per employee to $6,000 per household. Once your deductible is paid, prescription drugs are available at 10%.

Amazon Health Savings Plan

The Network options here are Premera Blue Cross Aetna. Co-insurance covers 90% of in-network expenses, and deductibles range from $1,500 per employee to $4,500 per eligible family members. To help save for medical expenses, you can contribute to a Health Savings Account funded by Amazon.

Amazon will contribute the following towards your Health Savings Account depending on whom you cover: starting at $500 per employee and reaching $1,500 per family.

Out-of-pocket maximums for prescription and medical include, and range from, $3,000 per employee to $9,000 per family. Prescription drugs (retail), after your deductible has been paid, are available at 10%.

Amazon Dental Benefits

Amazon offers its dental plan through Delta Dental of Washington, and two options are available.

Amazon Dental Plan: Basic

This plan includes a $1,500 year plan upper limit where deductibles are capped at $50 per individual and $150 per family. Services included are preventative care (completely covered) with a waived deductible, and basic fillings and extractions (you cover 10%).

Amazon Dental Plan: Enhanced

This plan includes a $1,500 plan year upper limit where deductibles are capped at $50 per individual and $150 per family(The plan includes family members, including domestic partners).

Services included are preventative care (completely covered) with a waived deductible, basic extractions and fillings (you cover at 10%), and major restorative work such as crowns the and dentures (you cover half). Orthodontic work is covered at half, with a lifetime cap of $2,000. Deductibles are waived.

Amazon Vision Plan Benefits

Amazon offers two near-identical vision plans.

Amazon Basic Vision Plan

This plan completely covers one eye examination per year (materials co-payment at $10), lenses are covered completely, and frames or contacts are covered up to $130. All of these allowances are for in-network visits only.

In-network benefits include an evaluation and contacts fitting every calendar year, paid in full after a $60 maximum co-payment.

Amazon Enhanced Vision Plan

This plan completely covers one eye exam per year (with a co-payment at $10), lenses are covered completely, and two pairs of frames or contacts every year are capped at $130. All these allowances are for in-network visits only.

In-network benefits include an evaluation and contacts fitting every year, paid in full after a $60 maximum co-payment.

Amazon Financial Benefits

Amazon offers its employees financial benefits mainly through its 401k plan, the Flexible Spending Accounts program, and the Restricted Stock Units investing program. Amazon employees also have access to financial counseling.

Amazon’s 401(k) Benefits

Excluding catch-up contributions, for every $1 you contribute, Amazon will give $0.50 as a matching contribution. Matches are capped at 2%. After three years of vesting services, you can eventually become vested in matching contributions.

You can contribute up to 90% of your earnings on a pre-tax, Roth, or after-tax basis. The IRS limit in 2022 is capped at $20,500. From 2022 you can add catch-up contributions to the amount of $6,500 from age 50 or older.

When you turn 18, you are immediately qualified to start your 401k.
To learn more about Amazon’s 401k plan, watch this video.

Amazon Employee Restricted Stock Units

Amazon is dedicated to providing its employees with ownership opportunities. Amazon offers most employees the chance to own stock through its vesting program and granting stock units called Restricted Stock Units or RSUs. However, you must work at least 30 hours per week; this qualification also depends on your job level.

Amazon Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAs, or flexible spending accounts, allow you to put your pre-tax dollars in a savings account that helps you pay for qualifying expenses pertaining to dependent care health care coverage.

Contributing to an FSA lowers your adjusted gross income, thus reducing your tax obligations to federal income and Social Security.

Amazon Assistance and Services Benefits

Amazon offers different services for when you need legal assistance, assistance with mental health and daily living, as well as free access to referral programs for a child, an elder, and pet care.

Amazon Legal Services

Through MetLife, Amazon offers its employees discounts. They are eligible to receive discounts on rates pertaining to a range of legal services, ranging from personal legal matters such as wills to commercial matters like real-estate.

Through MetLife, Amazon employees are eligible for discounted rates on legal advice and fully covered legal services pertaining to legal matters such as real estate, wills, family law, estate planning, and more.

Amazon Assistance with Mental Health and Life

For any Amazon employee or household member, free counseling services (3 free per year) and referrals are available 24/7. Referrals are available for financial issues, legal issues, and personal convenience and care needs such as childcare, elder care, and relocation.

Referral Services for Children, Elders, and Pets

Amazon offers free membership to childcare and elder care sites like Sittercity and Years Ahead, and also portals to help you find qualified childcare and senior care. This platform provides background checks, reviews, and references so you can feel confident about your choice of a caregiver. You pay for the caregiving services you need.

Additional Benefits

Amazon offers 10% off merchandise at for its employees, as well as a program for discounted services and goods such as travel, cell phone services, event tickets, entertainment, restaurants, and more!

Amazon Leave of Absence Benefits

Medical leave is available to those who are experiencing a medical condition or need to look after a qualifying family member who is experiencing a medical condition. Included is the birth, adoption, or placement of a new child. Also included are pregnancy, an immediate member of your family dying, military, and other personal reasons. Most leaves are unpaid.

Pregnancy Leave

Pregnant employees can expect pre-partum to receive four weeks maximum of paid leave, and post-partum will receive ten weeks of paid leave, in addition to short-term disability benefits. Restricted Stock Units, or RSUs, will continue on your ongoing vesting schedule.

Parental Leave (applicable after one year of uninterrupted employment)

You will receive six weeks of paid parental leave as well as other free resources after the adoption or birth of children. Your RSU vesting schedule will be paused 14 consecutive days after your leave begins and will recommence once you come back to the workplace.

Leave Share Program

You are eligible to share any unused portion of your parental leave with legally recognized partners if they do not receive parental leave through their employer. Expect base pay for un-utilized parental leave. Your regular base pay and the rest of your parental pay will be paid together via your paycheck.

Ramp Back Program

Following pregnancy and parental leave, employees are offered three different reduced-hour options by which they can return progressively to work over eight weeks. These options are half time for eight weeks, half time for four weeks and 75% time for four, and 75% for all eight weeks.

Amazon Adoption Assistance

Amazon will compensate your adoption efforts up to $5000 for one child or $10,000 max for a sibling adoption scenario. You can be reimbursed once per calendar year for adoption. Children are considered under 18 years of age.

Also Amazon offers assistance with local and international adoption expenses including attorney fees, court costs, and travel.

Amazon Paid Time Off

For information on paid time off, your recruiter should share a PTO webpage with you.

Amazon Paycheck Contributions

For more information on paycheck contributions for Dental, Vision, and Medical health plan rates, visit the following PDF.

Transparency Coverage Rule of 2021 (legal requirements)

The federal rule necessitates that public websites post in-network and out-of-network rates. They are required to update this information monthly.

There are machine-readable files consumers can access here:

It is important to note that this page outlines Amazon’s employees’ benefits and is not a comprehensive list. Benefits are subject to change, and this should not be considered the definite outline of insurance and benefits. To choose the best plan for yourself, double-check any changes Amazon may have made to these plans at the appropriate time.

Amazon Employee Handbook PDF

You can find more helpful information in the following handbook. It includes details about the:

  • Vision plan.
  • Dental Plan.
  • Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Support for Children with Developmental Disabilities.

And much more.

What is Amazon Open Enrollment?

This Is an Amazon health marketplace tool designed by Amazon that helps employees take control of their health insurance coverage under the government healthcare laws and subsidy program.

If you’re looking for the coverage calculator you can find it here.